Why follow Culture and tradition?

I will say why NOT?

Kannada Gothilla is the ‘must word’ you should know when you are in the south of India.

Do you know what that means? It means ‘you don’t how to speak Kannada’.

And it is a must, as over here largely speaks Kannada and who doesn’t communicate in Kannada will converse in English and I really admire that. I adore the culture and the preference these south Indians give to their language, culture, and their religion. It’s not that north Indians don’t do. They also sustain and follow. But the rich – class families in the North part of India are walking towards westernization. From language to tradition everything is vanishing.

Culture And tradition should be followed. Because, if you don’t follow how it will resist to generation and generation. Otherwise, after some time, it will be a part of history. Right?!

It’s nicer to adopt your own land culture and ritual. It’s not that, its unfair to attain other countries or states’ cultures. Regardless, you should follow yours.

I truly adore different events of different countries, states, districts, and villages. They are applauded with all the entertainment and happiness.

How do we know about the festival and the ‘ reet’ we follow? Because we have seen our moms and grandmommy doing that. Right?!

So, Why not we share this little thing which has a vast impact on generation and nation? And narrating our culture with not ‘history ‘ but with ‘ Documentaries’?

So, Hold and Pass your tradition and culture as you pass and hold Assets.

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You will be shocked!! Little things that -connect- with -unconnected- loved- ones.

Yesss!! These are actually minor things that you won’t predict that recalls you or take you to those beloved and cheerful days.

And this would commence from the odors. Yes, odors or fragrance of perfumes you can say! When you smell the scent it recollects you of the someone, his addictions, his dressing, his character and his experiences and happenings that he communicated to you. And bring you to that phase of your life. Isn’t? But it is the truth. Attempt it. You will see the exact consequence.

Another thing that reminds of your beloved ones whom you’re not connected from long would be…

The relevant incident arises with you or with your connected souls. It will recall you of the moment how he explained his experience, his reactions while narrating and what not encircled by it. Yes, this happens too!

What would be the other one? Any idea?

Okay, I will help you.

The other would be the time when you see someone doing that thing in front of you that your buddy already did long back. And you feel so crazy about your buddies and the shit you worked out. Right?

Like, when you see youngsters pranking with their friends with other vocalists and of course, with different numbers. And they get gladdest which perceives you so normal. And you will so ordinary. At that moment, it reminds you of the craziest individual of your gang, the individual and with whom you did, the reactions, the discussions they had on the phone. And I hope, it happened with you. Because lads cherish having entertainment and giving rise to memories

Tell me, what happened with you and where it takes to your life journey?

Because sharing experiences enhance ideas.

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Quickly ,What matters to you most?

Whom do you consider more valuable? The one who has a degree of Masters or the one who has experience after doing bachelor’s?

So, what you think is more beneficial. Let me narrate you in a quick way. So, I will tell you both sides of the bachelor with experience VS Masters with Internship experience.

So, when you have done a bachelor’s with Experience it means you have learned the market in a very short span as well as in a very small age group while no degree of Masters.

And at the same time, when you have done Masters with Internship experience, you are a degree holder of your masters but you don’t have practical knowledge as a full-long- time.

I have given you a brief about both things. Now tell me what matters you most? And to whom you give more pay? Or think which is more efficient? Because it matters!!

Tell me in the comment box.

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Little things you should take care of your Property and Home

I know you’re amused to know those little things. Like the way I am.

But before knowing that, will you be taking attention to it? If yes, then comment it with ‘Thumbs up’.

So, your time is precious when you are with us as WeBlogForYou.

So, before reading the next point, just give a thought of what you do and what not.

So, somebody is genuinely taking care of you other than your genes. Who are they? What do you do for them? How you behave with them? What do they do for you?

They are guards. Yes, the guards. They can be security guards and they have to guard your body as well as the building perimeters.

But just keep that in sense. They are also humans.

•They didn’t appear for any programs or examinations to take care of you.

•They might be nourishing the whole family by their earnings which means she is the earner of the house.

Respect them. Instead of honoring slighter to reputed Gentlemans.

•They are the original icons of your estate

•Be kind to them. We don’t know what they are doing for their household.

They are alerted when the entire world is snoozing and that also for neither their company or property nor for their family member.

•Give them bonuses or love them for their job.

Smile towards them when you see them. Or just wish them morning or evening.

•Always be generous to all humans. Because we don’t know behind the stories of an individual.

Never be rude to them primarily when you’re angry.

•They are accomplishing this because of some reason. As nobody likes to do this type of professional. Not because it is less respectful. But, it is less reimbursed with more awakening eyes.

So, notify me in the comment ‘what you don’t do out of the stated points’?

And also, what are the additional points that should be there in this blog? And what next, should I write.

So, see you in the comment box.

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Few pointers to make your tiring Monday -> A refreshing one

I really feel so awful for women who are homemakers as well as businesswomen simultaneously managing their notorious kids. They are living a life of 3 women.

Keeping in mind all of that.

We have some recommendations for you which follow:

•Distribute the work. Because, why not?

•Before couples, you’re humans!

•Equality comes before ‘ Inequality’ (through alphabetically)

•Do your favorite thing like listening to music , cooking, reading or playing sports. It refreshes as well as makes you active for the rest of the day.

• The household job will go on anyway. Let’s enjoy esprit.

•Attend meetups of your genre. Furthermore, you will enhance the skill and can do something out of it.

•Plan little things that make you happy like feeding animals, going to Cafe.

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A day you are not INFORMED.

It is when you drive in the afternoon with the full motivation to the office and you see the entrance is closed. How does it feel? Nostalgic? Right. Like the times, when we leave for the school and on the way, we got to know, it’s a holiday for a strike or some political purpose.

I know, it depends on individual to individual. Many of you might feel happy that’s it is a holiday and plots an outing trip with pals with whom you’re not engaged for long. Some like me feel what it’s a holiday and were not notified? Like, literally. And this is what happened with me as well.

I know it’s a joyous thing to happen on a weekend but at the same time, you expect some professionalism. But then, it reminds me of the holiday that I took without notifying them because of an urgent task I was glued where I fail to inform them that I’m on leave but however asked them to work from home as a courtesy.

So, what I learned from this is before taking out mistakes of others just browse your history what you have done to hurt them or spoil them. So, it happened to you.

Learn from your mistakes rather than blaming others for the same mistake.

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#Secrets of Budget travel Plans

Shhh. They are secrets. And I’m damn sure you will be crazy to know the budget secrets. Then, let’s get started!

Tips while traveling budget plans :

• Where you want to explore. Check the places near to it in Google Maps.

• Check, if you’re staying is near to your dream land. Otherwise ,you have to enjoy your dreamland in cabs.

•for budget trips, I will suggest staying in Zostels and hostels. as you meet your ‘vibe people’ and it’s too safe as well.

•try taking buses specially the night. So, not to waste a business day.

•try not to take much luggage. For convenience and safety.

•Explore the unexplored region.

•Make a group of friends in the place you’re staying and share your itinerary with them. So, you’ll be a group of friends and more fun in less amount.

•focus more on ‘what to explore’ rather than ‘what to eat’. Because at the verge you remember the places you explored.

•start booking early. And check the reviews before booking.

•take some nutritive stuff with you. Because might be the food is damn yummy but your taste buds don’t like them.

•For fun and trek, I will refer to take shoes. While for partying and soothing take your leisure feet with heels and slippers.


Take fewer snaps but more stories about the lifestyle of the people, culture and about the city. Because photos will be seen when you want to see But these anecdotes of culture will change your thoughts and make you efficient.

• Be kind. Because rude is every next individual.

And yes, if I skipped any step OR do you know another step comment it. So, we can boost one another.

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The tech culture is taking the world of human eyes.

Over tech, we recognize the world through stories, feeds and through the tech ‘ eyes’ which is a camera of tech. But on the horizon, what we are dealing with is the acne in the sights. Why?

Because we spend our maximum day with tech and it’s things. We notice the exact human with the human eye but don’t know broadly about him or her. Nevertheless, through the tech eye, we perceive where is he, what she is doing, what hobbies she has, what difficulties he faced. But what happens is we get all this evidence through tech. We don’t interact and see similar people but we do see them and spend them all the updates through the human eye.

Why? Do we have an ego? Who starts at first? why should I tell him /her I admire you? This change is being seen nowadays largely in the youth. Not with a generation who has already passed over 30’s. Is it the education system through which we can’t communicate? Or we have self-respect or standard or can’t communicate with the person through the ‘human eye’?

If this happens at a high level we will be having more web-interpersonal skills which will spoil human contacts and will lead you more to the assumptions and thought world. Because, until and unless you won’t communicate with the individual you won’t get their perspective and idea behind what they are into and why they did like that. And also, grudges and reactions will be resolved through physical presence, not by an online presence.

So, play it safe. Connect with more people through the offline world rather than online chatting. Because life is too short to understand humans existence. Every individual is suffering from the problem try to understand the perspective of one another.

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Say NO to overcoming Fear

fear is an emotion or a feeling which takes you away from the understanding or skill.

Overcoming fear will have a slow impact on an individual’s life and it will take a huge lot of investment in time, energy and money.

Why overcome fear?

Is there a NEED to overcome?

Instead of that, we can uplift our talents we already have in which we are confident. So, to be expert in a domain. Furthermore, without ruining time we can make our own team in a certain field and earn a lot of money.

Because every individual has a Fear of one or another thing but not every time you can overcome that. Right?
why not focus on a field you’re expert in?
Anyway, what counts on the verge is confidence and Money and you’ll get both in a quite short period of time. As you’re already an expert and so, you know all the tactics.

While if, you overcome the fear, you have to start from scratch and waste a lot of time and moreover invest in it. Seeing the Competitive world, you have to be “early bird” which means you have to be early in leaning to grasping and then to outcomes which you will only get in which you are not overcoming your FEAR.

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The generation gap is diversifying the opinion

Don’t you think it is a varying opinion? Yet, It is. We have seen in all sorts of aspects. We have varied opinions and beliefs about the consequences which have different outcomes from both mom and son or father and daughter. It’s not that we are wrong or they are correct or vice versa. It is more of a practicality and way of seeing things by prioritizing them.

We, the next generation believe stuff into practicality and not on the basis of ‘ log kya kahenge’ way of understanding. But our older era is supplementary that manner. Community matter more than their favorable finding. Whatever they do folks come before the impacts. It is not engraved in a family act but it’s is what it is.

We have to alter changes with the transition of time, technology, and way of connecting elements with the modification of ideas and sentiments. Contrarily, you can’t sync in the competitive world. Seeing the opponent from kid to the richest and oldest individual you have to harmonize with the art of coordinating.if, you didn’t join the league you will be out of the game which means you are not counted in the globe of directing and reviewing the individual in the dominant world.

Because the developing community can’t adjust with the people who are not modernized in terms of thoughts or techno or culture. As today’s generation commences with sustainable development or plastic pollution or climate change. If, you are not updated in terms of these vast topics how will you sync with those individuals? Nowadays, these social issues are the link between the generations. Generation of the modernized – old generation to these 20’s youth.

As, the education has system has changed so are the minds of today’s youth.

So, what is your perspective about the change in the education systems from the viewpoint of several age groups?

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